Monday, June 8, 2015

Mandala Monday: Ms Moffatt's Coloring books on TV

Big News! I am going to be interviewed by Seth Studman, the host and producer of WWLP-22 NEWS  morning show "Mass Appeal" with my Mandala Coloring Books!

It's a live show that will go on the air at 11:00 AM this Wednesday, June 10th.  I don't know if you can get it on a computer or have to see on TV in the Springfield MA area. Hopefully I'll be able to post  the segment after it's taped.

In preparation of this public event, my adorable website home page has been rearranged and reconstructed by my talented webmaster Bill Hoffman. The page has been tweaked to include a bran new Mandala button. The pretty red flower, by my kitty cat.

What's the surprise behind the button? Go to the website and you can now download FREE pages from my Merry Mandalas and Meditative Mandalas coloring books.

So now you can try them out and better decide which book is the one you want to start with or give as a gift.

For an inside view of the pages that include information about the  Mandalas, check my Etsy shop.

See ya on the big screen!

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