Thursday, December 17, 2015

Florida Vacation Inspiration

One of the highlights of my vacation is finding the burrowing owls in Cape Coral Florida. Tallulah and Bob moved in 4 doors down from friends we were staying with. The home owners said they had just laid new sod, when overnight a huge mound of dirt appeared in the middle of their new lawn. The burrowing owls are a protected bird. If they move in, you mow around their mounds. Most people are honored to have them. Tallulah and Bob have lived here two years, no babies yet. Next year maybe we'll see some!

Took a trip to Cork Screw Swamp Sanctuary with friends Anne and John. The trail was about 2 1/2 miles long filled with surprises. We heard the Barred owls calling to each other in the middle of the day! Pictured here are some of the creatures we saw.

The end of our vacation was spent in Venice beach Florida where husband and I collected Sharks teeth and shells every morning. I was inspired to create some nature Mandalas. Next year I hope to make a Sailors Valentine!  Have you seen one? They are incredible works of art made out of tiny shells.


  1. Your creativity knows no bounds, Judy! Glad you put your time in Florida to such good use. : )

  2. I can never believe the extent of your creative spirit! The sketchbook pages are not only great art, but I learned a lot of plants that I didn't know before. And the shell/shark's teeth mandalas... all I can say is, WOW. WOW!!!!

  3. Hello,

    The shell/shark teeth mandalas are spectacular! The top one is particularly wonderful. You did a beautiful job with them.

    Jackie & Fabio