Thursday, February 18, 2016

Good-bye old pencil Spinner

She served me well ol' Twirly-Whirly Red. once I had two of these, a white one from Art School days and more recently, Red. She saw me through some hard assignments, late nights, and joyous coloring-for-fun projects, but now it's time to move over for the new improved pencil holder husband Bill made me out of PVC pipe!

 I Love this!
I have not arranged all my pencils yet. I put them in these cups all willy-nilly for the photo. But as soon as I catch a break, all the pencils will be organized into their proper places. Hmmmm do I need another one? Oh Bill.....


  1. Ha Ha! Had a yellow spinner too.
    I've done the same thing with my colored pencils but I took it a step further (OCD anyone?) I had mugs made through Zazzle that say "Warm colors", "Cool colors", "Neutrals", .... etc. :-)

    1. I would like to see that! Sounds great!