Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Art in Bloom at MFA

 Rainy day outside, but a blooming burst of color and excitement inside at Art In Bloom in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. A fabulous festival of art and flowers that has been going on for 40 years! Scattered all through the galleries, garden clubs have created 52 beautiful floral arrangements to complement and reflect a particular piece of art in the museum. A sight to behold!

In my opinion here are a few of the best works where the arrangements reflects the look and feel of the artwork.

See the red lilies representing the long red heads on the arms of the chair?

The beads on the dress and flowers are cool. The vase on the right is perfect.
Colors and shape working.
Plastic bags from the Mega City exhibit.

Two of Lawren Harris's works from another exhibit...LOVE!
One last flower with her lady

My gallery pal Lorie and myself in the Chinese Mandala.  FAR OUT!