Friday, July 8, 2016

A Herd of Hens

 Lately I've had my antique sewing machine repaired and I've been sewing up a storm. A storm of chicks and hens. Mesmerized by the selection of beautiful fabrics, I can't seem to stop making these little cuties. There are so may designer fabrics and color combinations I adore!
After searching the Internet for the perfect pattern, I came up with my own version of the pin cushion chick, that can also serve as a paper weight, or a pretty adornment for the abode.
These are my smaller chicks. After trying various beaks I've settled on a favorite. Here the chicks are posing in Mandala formation.
My1940's Singer Featherweight goes forward and back, and that's all I need. Isn't it beautiful?
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  1. Love your sewing machine and your chickens!
    Catnip toys for Tinkerbell?

    1. Hi Maggie, thanks for your response! Yes tinkerbell would LOVE a catnip toy like this. She is enamored by the weight of the small hens and likes to bat them off the shelves during production. A bit smaller and it would be the perfect mousey size and heft for her.

  2. Love your posts, but since I have a featherweight also, I agree, they are the best and a beautiful stitch that few have been able to copy! Love your Chickens!Just read above where you are doing the chickens color cards to sell? Let me know when available, my granddaughter loves farm animals.

    1. Hi Patsy, Just got my Chicken Cards up in my Etsy Shop. If you are local I am also selling them in Medway and New Bedford MA.
      Check out the cards on yesterdays blog for a direct link.