Monday, April 23, 2018

Art Directors Visit

What FUN! I finally met Karen Lee, an art director I worked with on "Wild Animal Babies" put out by the National Wildlife Federation for many years.

Six years we produced an award winning section for the kids magazine that consisted of a poem, fingerplay and illustration. It was the best job I ever had. And one of the best Art Directors I ever worked with.

We had had great conversations about the work and other stuff long distance. Although we never met in person, I felt like I knew her like an old friend.

A couple weeks ago Karen, who lives in the DC area, came out to visit her Boston friends and I was lucky enough to be one.
We had tea and a yummy sticky bun that Karen brought us. She got to meet Bill and our new dog Ellie.  Then off we went to my  favorite new shopping stop, The Blessing Barn in Mendon MA. FOUR floors of consignment items!!! Dishes, clothing, furniture, housewares, instruments, records ...the list goes on. What a shop!

Karen got two dishes, and I got two giant brand new down filled couch pillows for a great price.

I have also donated quite a bit of crystal and china to this clean, well run store.
You know I can't resist a close look at the tea party stuff. this is just a little much more.

We ended her visit at The Miss Mendon Dinner. An old dinning car that has been transported to the back of a car dealership. Excellent food. Homemade potato chips are the best!

I got to show Karen a bit of my world out in the country, before rushing her back to the train to Boston. And I do mean RUSH she was on the train 2 minutes before it pulled out Whew!!

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