Monday, April 16, 2018

Sketches Doodles and Drawings

The opening of Sketches Doodles and Drawings was held on another of our wintry rainy Spring evenings, however, there was a great turn out!
I had a fine time talking about my beloved sketchbooks that I started making in high school.

Many of these these sketchbooks fill my bookcases at home. It's always a good time sharing the books and recalling some of the fun events that inspired the pages..

Artist Friends and FAN (Freelance Artists Network) members that exhibited and attended the show where Sandy Valpey Cordts (who gathered us all together), Erica Szoplat, Lesley Breen Withrow and Rob Dunlavey.

I brought the original sketch and color composition with notes that Highlights for Children art directors looked over before I created this cut paper Highlights cover.

It is a winter scene, but seeings as we just had flurries AGAIN yesterday it's looking seasonal!

If you have a chance to see the show, grab a postcard and find the 22 things wrong with the back cover. Remember doing this at the Doctors office? Thank goodness for Highlights For Children Magazine to keep us amused. This is one of six covers I created for them.

For sketches and doodles, I included the many changes that transformed the cover of the Simon and Schuster book "ABC Animals A Bedtime Story". Many changes were made on this cover along with the surprise flipped image when it went to press.

Mark Penta (artist for hire see his web site) was on hand creating excellent caricatures of the attendees. Here is the sketch he made of my friend Corey and myself.  Mark also had some of his work hanging in the gallery.

The show runs through April 23rd,  if you have a chance check it out. There are three other shows going on at the same time so there is plenty to look at.

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