Friday, June 13, 2008

Susan Novich and myself board the 6:55 AM train to NYC.
I have brought my most excellent backpack/rolling bag (that I procured at the stationary show last year).
I hear there is lots of free stuff to be had.

My mission; to see if the licensing show is better than the SURTEX show for my art. (see Surtex Show 2008 link in the right hand column)
The first thing we see is the Ugly Dolls. We have our picture taken with them right away. Susan & I love The Ugly Dolls!
We see miles of great art & products. Talk to a few agents. Check out the more quiet space in the back of the show where I would be if I where in this show. It was sort of a let down after seeing all the glitzy stuff filling over half the show space "where the big dogs play" Disney, Pixar, Pokemon, nickelodeon etc.).

The decision...not quite ready for the big time with a show this sophisticated and expensive!

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