Monday, August 24, 2015

FUJI INSTAX mini 8, a review

Went to a fabulous party this weekend and discovered this adorable purple camera on my table. Turns out it was not a toy as I suspected, but an actual camera! If you are a young hipster you already know about this retro item, if not read on!

On each table there was a different colored camera for guests to take pictures with. Lucky for me my table's camera was "Grape" and it matched my outfit...and glasses.

The FUJI INSTAX takes cute little credit card sized pictures in the old Polaroid camera style. Young people who never got to experience the instant gratification of the old Polaroid cameras, and mostly view their pics by passing around their cell phones are enamored by this new device.

Oldsters like myself can appreciate the design and retro feel of this endearing camera. It's was a hit at the party where we all INSTANTLY made mini scrapbooks to leave for our host and hostess. A very clever idea!

The cameras is a really simple point and shot item with a few self explanatory selections on the side; a house, a cloud, a sun, a brighter sun and a setting called Hi-Key (to be explored).

Select your setting, it lights up (pictured). Then point, shot and listen for the tiny surprise to pop out of the top!
At home I tried a couple of shots in the garden. Here are my mini pictures with space to write below the picture. Just like the old days!

The clarity and detail are great. The colors, pretty darn good. Cuteness factor 100%. I should have placed a coin here for size. The whole shot measures 3 1/4 x 2 1/8. About the size of a business card.

 What will I do with them? I think I'll mail them to people who never get pictures from me because I rarely make actual hard copy from my digital files. These are especially great to send to the older generation that does not have computers or are struggling with receiving email pics on their phones and tablets.

Available in many delicious colors the FUJI INSTAX MINI 8 sells for about $70.

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  1. Oh wow! Only $70! this would be perfect for the classroom! We teach 1st Grafe CCD it is only an hour class, I could take pictures and give them to the students that day! They would love that instant result.
    Do you remember the old Polaroid "fan and blow" technique? When the camera would spit out the film we would grab the white paper border and fan the film excitedly back and forth then blow thinking that would cause the ghostly marbeling appear faster! Which I am not sure if it actually did speed up the process!?
    I loved the simplicity of our "high tech" back then!!