Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Inspirational Monday: Old Cars and Coloring Pages

 Last weekend the family drove up to Windham Junction, Country store and Kitchen with a group of Antique car owners. A perfect sunny day for a trip up north.

The store was filled with unique gifts... including my coloring books, and the food was delicious. The three story antique Victorian home itself is adorable and inviting. If you are in the Windham NH area do stop by and say hello to the friendly proprietors Kay and Jon.

So I love to look at old cars, drive old cars, but definitely not draw them. However inking my Dad's 1938 Ford as a coloring book page turned out to be a different gift for the man who has everything!

Lovely plantings in front of the store. Love the car color!
My two Mandala coloring books are on sale at the store

Our friends nifty Model A
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  1. I hate to draw cars, too, Judy, but I wouldn't if I could make them as charming as this example is!! And what a handsome fellow as driver!! Good job!

  2. LOVE the Car Coloring page!! I really need to start drawing more like this.. It is probably just as fun as the coloring aspect!!!