Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Inspiration: Scottland and the Celtic Knot

This past weekend was the Scottish Highland Games event that takes place in Loon Mountain NH. This is my 7th year of jam packed highland fun.

Pictured here is the Moffatt Crest. quilted by my talented cousin Karen).

It roughly translates to "We Hope for Better Days". Guess we Moffatt's had it tough!

One event my sister and I had hoped to get to was a Celtic knot class. So today  I was inspired to look thru my notes to find "How to draw a Celtic Knot" to share with you.

Here is the finished Celtic knot . From this basic shape you can embellish.

2. Add a path going down the first row of dots vertically.
1. Make six equally distanced dots.

3. Add another path going horizontally.

4. Add another path, going vertically.

5. Another horizontally.
7. Connect another path

6. Now you'll add the loops. Start on the right and work clockwise. joining the paths as shown.
8. And two more on the right. That's it!
The Moffatt's outside the Clan tent. Cousin Warren in the center.

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