Thursday, May 19, 2016

Art School Now them and Now.

This is not Halloween. This was my favorite fall look in art school. Long black velvet cape for warmth, with turtle neck velvet mini and tights. s artists we needed to stand out from the crowd.
In high school I was known as "Cutesie Judy". Starting life anew I  I wanted to look mysterious.  I painted one of my pieces in blood and tried serious subjects avoiding cute at all costs!
Joseph Sullivan with his final project.
 Fast forward 2016. My godson Joey is in his first year of art school with a serious subject for his final project; called "Guernica take two" after Picasso's work of the same name, created to elicit a common reaction of horror from the viewer.

"My whole life as an artist has been nothing more than a continuous struggle against reaction and the death of art. In the picture I am painting — which I shall call Guernica — I am expressing my horror of the military caste which is now plundering Spain into an ocean of misery and death." Pablo Picasso

Joey choose to fill a 126 page sketchbook with 30 days of exploring and recording the violence of humanity. Pretty serious stuff for a first year. Well done godson!

He writes:"It is east to see the physical pain we impose on ourselves as a species, all it takes is a google search, but it's much harder to see the damage that happens inside of us as individuals."

It brought me back to my days in art school with all the wild hair and outfits at the student's art opening. Below is one last shot of two of Joey's class mates with part of their colorful final projects.

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