Monday, May 9, 2016

Portsmouth Fabric Company

 I have been wanting to visit this incredible shop for a few months now. I've ogled the fabrics on the Internet, but nothing beats actually feeling the quality of the cloth.

On a trip to Newburyport MA, we went a bit farther north to take in the legendary store.

So quaint and filled to the brim with the most beautiful fabrics!  Mom, sister and I had a grand time looking, touching and then leaving with a few gems.

The shop girl tells me this store is one of  three stores with the largest selection of Kaffee Fasset's fabrics in stock. Portsmouth Fabric Company has made beautiful selections of fabrics that go together that they sell in sets.

It's in a picturesque old building not far from the water in downtown Portsmouth. So many fabulous stores and restaurants to check out on a warmer weekend. We will go back!

If you go and want to get a cup of hot cup or tea or coffee served by a mermaid with many shades of blue hair, try Kaffee VonSolln a block away.

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  1. Sounds like an amazing outing! Thanks for sharing.