Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Race of the Century

 The Collings Foundation presents: Race of the Century, Stow MA Transportation technologies from the last 100 years!

 And was it ever fun! The first race was against a 1867 Concord Stage Coach (purchased by Henry Ford and donated to the Wayside Inn), an early 1900 horseless carriage, A Bicycle and a bare foot runner.
 Husband Bill and Model T owner Jim, pose in front of the carriage as well as their wives. Ronnie and I were honored to be asked to be passengers for the RACE! Guess who won? The bike and the man running...almost a tie!

 Our Model T group of Five raced against each other. Here are a few more vehicles that competed...all for fun.
 A Biplane raced against a midget race car, a horse against some cars. It was incredible! Be sure to check this event out next year if you are local!

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