Wednesday, August 2, 2017

National Coloring Book Day!

Today is national Coloring Book Day. I've been doing a few coloring events this month so I'll be coloring at home tonight.
If you are going to be home too, download one of my free coloring book pages and celebrate the day! Go to my website: and click on the "Coloring Books" flower.

I had a Queen Bee coloring evening at TC SCOOPS last month. Some us colored Bee Crowns, others chose Chicken Cards or book marks. All of us enjoyed TC Scoops new Libations or delicious ice cream.
Have you tried the water filled paintbrushes with Aqua pencils yet? Join me on my next visit and we'll play with them.

Below are samples of some of works completed that night. Sammy brought her amazing colored pencil set that we all wanted...Zowie! My mom made a pretty Bee Crown. The young ladies colored cards.

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