Friday, September 29, 2017

Tiny house in Gloucester

 I am in love with the idea of a tiny house. Could I live in one full time...probably not, but I can fantasize. This month my girl friend took me to her cousins tiny summer house.
This is the entrance beautiful heh?

When we got inside I got quite a surprise, a guy I haven't seen in 35 years was staying at the house! He is close friends with the cousin....small world! Ray went to Mass. School of Art, I went to The Art Institute, our paths crossed many times back then.

Off the adorable galley kitchen is the porch that is practically on the water. Below is a dock where we sat and watched the boats and birds sail by.

And who else lives in this tiny house all summer? Well a tiny dog of course! He is an Italian Grey Hound who gets cold quickly so has to wear a sweater or curl up in a blanket.

Everything was so tiny and cute at the house. The town of Gloucester was fun to explore too. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset on our ride home.

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