Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Sketching the Gulf Coast

Escaping New England's below freezing weather, husband and I head for Florida!

One mission is to find a place to rent for 2020. We want the gulf side, but haven't seen too much more than Venice FL where husbands Mom and Dad lived. We've been visiting Venice for 30 years!

After seeing other areas from Sarasota to Naples we ended up liking Venice the best. So we found a house to rent and will take our dog and cat with us next year!
 The islands, or Keys off Sarasota are lovely. Anna Maria Island was beautiful and we were lucky to get a great 80 degree day.

 Another mission was to lay Bills mom to rest. Her ashes have been hanging out on a shelf with our dogs and cats ashes for almost 3 years. She is finally at rest with her husband and daughter in Venice.

 The weather was pretty cold for 1/2 our visit. I had to buy polar fleece PJs to make it thru the cold snap. I had not packed for 40 degrees at night and high 50's during the day!

All in all a fabulous visit. We missed incredibly cold temperatures in Massachusetts and got to see alot more of FL than we had ever seen before.

Back home today the weather has been pretty good, in the 60's. Best of all we are back with our fur babies that missed us very much.

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