Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Bunny Egg Hugger Craft

 In 2001, my good friend Lugene and her boys, Josh and Matt, came to my house to dye Easter Eggs.
An Easter paper craft of mine had just been published in the children's magazine  "My Big Backyard".

The craft was a egg holder in the shape of a bunny. I had successfully made this craft with lots of kids at my school presentations, and showed the Bunny to my egg coloring guests.

After coloring 4 dozen eggs we all decided we could make THREE DOZEN Bunny Huggers as name tags for our Easter dinner tables! A grand idea to accomplish in an afternoon...but we did it!

We had a blast! Here is how you can make your own Bunny Hugger for
 Easter Sunday, or any ol' day.

Cut an 8 1/2" piece of paper in half.

Fold the bottom edge of one of the sides up to the edge to make a triangle.

Cut the rectangle shape away to make the triangle. Cut carefully and save that piece.
Discard the top 1/2 of your piece of paper.

Cut a long triangle shape into the point of the triangle (while folded in two).

Fold the saved rectangle piece in half and draw a paw and a foot.

Cut out paper pieces for eyes, tail, ear centers, nose and whiskers.
Cut out the Paws and Feet while paper is folded in half so you get two of each.

Bend the triangle shape around a toilet paper roll section and glue or tape in place.
The toilet paper roll section will give the Bunny stability to hold an egg.
Fold tabs over on the paws and feet to glue onto the Bunny Body. Add the eyes, ear centers, nose and whiskers.

Happy Easter!

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